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Archoil AR6900-P Max Advanced Petrol Synthesis


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AR6900-P MAX is an advanced fuel conditioner concentrate specifically designed to enhance the properties of modern petrol fuels. Utilizing technology from AR6400-P, AR6900-P MAX is the first conditioner of its kind to deliver polyetheramine (PEA) to each tank of fuel with the purpose of combating carbon build-up in port and direct injection petrol engines.

Direct injection engines in particular are prone to carbon build-up on the rear of inlet valves, that is very difficult to remove with single tank fuel cleaners. However, PEA is still partly active in post combustion gases so by delivering a continuous amount of PEA it can help inhibit build-up in these areas reducing the need for invasive strip down and cleaning.
AR6900-P MAX has been engineered to clean,
lubricate and protect the fuel system whilst enhancing combustion performance through the use of Archoil’s combustion catalyst technology. AR6900-P MAX restores lost engine performance and fuel economy in addition to unique properties that help lubricate and protect surfaces from further deposit build-up. Molecule by molecule deposits are safely removed from intake valves, combustion chamber, piston tops, catalytic converter and O2 (lambda) sensors. AR6900-P MAX improves combustion efficiency and reduces the propensity for preignition/pinking. AR6900-P MAX is suitable for all 4-cycle gasoline engines, including ethanol blended fuels and biofuels. Not suitable for 2-cycle engines.

• Cleans Harmful Deposits
• Restores Fuel Injector Efficiency
• Improves Engine Performance and MPG
• Smooths Rough Idling
• Lowers Harmful Exhaust Emissions
• Improves Combustion Quality
• Reduces Octane Requirement

• Standard treatment ratio is 1:500. 100ml will treat 50 litres of fuel. A single 1 litre bottle will treat 500 litres of fuel.
• Enhanced performance treatment ratio is 1:250. 200ml will treat 50 litres of fuel. A single 1 litre bottle will treat 250 litres of fuel. If using continually at 1:250 then it is recommended that engine oil is changed more frequently.
• Add the correct amount of AR6900-P MAX to the fuel tank and then fill up with fuel immediately afterwards.
• Use continually with every fill up.


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