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AR9200 V2 Friction Modifier


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AR9200 V2 is a unique high performance, synthetic ester based additive pack utilising Molybdenum & Nano Tungsten Disulfide (Mo-WS2 ) nextgeneration lubrication technology, providing advanced anti-wear and friction modification properties to the engine oil in street petrol and diesel or race derived engines.

Synthetic Nano WS2 is one of the most lubricious substances in the world and combined with Molybdenum provides longer-lasting and far superior performance to conventional anti-wear additives. The load bearing ability of the surface treated with AR9200 V2 is extremely high at over 4,200,000 PSI with over 5,000,000 PSI shock load capability, 15 times more than the previous generation Nano WS2.

AR9200 V2 penetrates and helps restore worn surfaces and the new lubricating micro-thin film provides an ultra-low coefficient of friction (COF 0.03) that prevents sticking, wear, corrosion and oxidation. It is suitable for use in all fourstroke petrol or diesel engines, including turbocharged, direct injection, with or without particulate filter (DPF) or three way catalytic convertors (TWC).

AR9200 V2 can be added to any viscosity class mineral or synthetic oil with low, medium or full SAPS rating.


  • Low & High Temperature Engine Protection
  • Helps Restore Worn Surfaces & Reduces Wear
  • Creates Lower Friction Surface (COF 0.03) S
  • uperior Shock Load Resistance – Over 5,000,000 PSI
  • Excellent Penetrating Abilities Improves Engine Performance


Recommended treatment Ratio: 40ml AR9200 V2 per litre of engine oil. Acceptable variance +/- 10%. One 200ml bottle will treat between 4.5 and 5.5L of engine oil. Shake thoroughly before use. Bring engine up to full operating temperature. Add product and idle engine for 15 minutes. Then use vehicle or equipment normally.

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