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Presentation and tests of our products

  • Folder ARCHOIL® Polska (PDF 3MB)
  • ARCHOIL® AR6200 – Presentation of the effectiveness of a comprehensive fuel modifier
  • ARCHOIL® AR6200 – The CARBON MASS BALANCE TEST results ( AS2077-1982 ) – M & K Associates, C-13 Caterpillar diesel (AS2077-1982) used for EPA
  • ARCHOIL® AR6200 – The CARBON MASS BALANCE TEST results (AS2077-1982) – M & K Associates, C-13 Caterpillar diesel
  • ARCHOIL® AR6200 – The CARBON MASS BALANCE TEST results (AS2077-1982)
  • ARCHOIL® AR6200 in the heavy equipment – a PAMA mining company case
  • ARCHOIL® AR9100 – Properties and forms used in the lubrication
  • ARCHOIL® AR9100 – Road Test Toyota engine wear over a distance of 3000 km
  • ARCHOIL® AR9100 – Road Test of AR9100 in manual transmission Subaru 5MT
  • ARCHOIL® AR9100 highlighted by DIESEL POWER MAGAZINE ed. December 2013
  • ARCHOIL® AR9100 – Comparison of cold start engine Ford Powerstroke 6.0 diesel before and after addition AR9100 Oil Shell Rotella T6 5W -40 Full Synthetic
  • ARCHOIL® AR9100 added to Motul 300V in race Mini Cooper reduces oil temperature by 10 ° C and improves performance !
  • ARCHOIL® AR9100 in ASTM D-3233 test
  • ARCHOIL® AR9100 and AR6200 – Solves problems with engines with direct fuel injection Audi , VW , Ford, Volvo etc.
  • ARCHOIL® AR9100 & AR6200 – Product Brochures PL (PDF 5,5MB)
  • ARCHOIL® AR9100 Aero & AR5100 forwarding company saves nearly 1,000 EURO for maintenance of each lift in the truck !
  • ARCHOIL® AR9200 nano WS2 in oil and AR6200 in fuel provide a record score in drag race Mustang Shelby GT500 factory in 2010
  • ARCHOIL® AR9200 nano WS2 and AMSOIL Dominator Racing 15W-50 oil allows faster and better ride in rally BMW Z4M
  • ARCHOIL® AR9300 – Presentation of nanotechnology development in the world of tribology
  • ARCHOIL® AR8300 – Unsurpassed in the lubrication even in railway transport
  • ARCHOIL® AR9300 – helps to drill tunnels almost twice as long
  • ARCHOIL® AR9100 lubricates the Rolls-Royce Azimuth US 17-01 in Kotug Tug Boats – > 4 – fold lower consumption , reduction of operating temperature
  • ARCHOIL® AR9100 & AR6200 Emission test before and after the truck Volvo – > reduction of emissions by 95 %
  • ARCHOIL® AR5100 – Presentation of nanotechnology breakthrough in removing rust – real photos
  • ARCHOIL® AR4200 versus Breakfree Gun Oil – comparision
  • ARCHOIL® AR4200 versus M Pro Gun Oil – comparision
  • ARCHOIL® AR4000 Series – Product Brochures US



  • Dr Grigory Ryk FriCSo Ltd. – The influence of the coefficient of friction on the combustion of fuel in internal combustion engines
  • Savings due to reduction of friction. According to the Department of Energy up 62.4 % of the energy is wasted on friction in the engine