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  • AR9200 V2 Friction Modifier

    25.95€Read more

    AR9200 V2 is a unique high performance, synthetic ester based additive pack utilising Molybdenum &am...

  • Archoil AR9100 Industrial Friction Modifier Aerosol

    12.95€Read more

    AR9100 Aerosol is an advanced lubricating spray utilising Archoil’s proprietary nanoborate technol...

  • Archoil AR5600 Corrosion Passivation & Lubricant Aerosol

    19.95€Read more

    AR5600 provides a long lasting, water-displacing, corrosion passivation, via a micro coating on all ...

  • Archoil AR2810 Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner – 300ml Aerosol

    12.95€Read more

    AR2810 MAF Sensor Cleaner contains a powerful blend of chemicals that safely and effectively remove ...

  • Archoil AR6400-D MAX Professional Diesel Engine, Turbo, DPF & CAT Cleaner Concentrate

    189€Read more

    AR6400-D MAX is a powerful next-generation all-in-one fuel system, engine, turbo, DPF and CAT cleane...

  • Archoil AR6900-D Max Advanced Diesel Fuel Synthesis

    18.95€Read more

    AR6900-D MAX is an advanced fuel conditioner specifically designed to address inherent deficiencies ...

  • Archoil AR6900-P Max Advanced Petrol Synthesis

    15.95€Read more

    AR6900-P MAX is an advanced fuel conditioner concentrate specifically designed to enhance the proper...

  • Archoil AR8100 Biosyn Synthetic Biodegradable Grease Jar (100gm)

    9.95€Read more

    AR8100 utilizes nanoborate in a pure PAO base for a low coefficient of friction and extreme pressure...

  • Archoil AR6800 Diesel Full Power Cetane Booster 500ml bottle

    21.25€Read more

    AR6800 is the ultimate, full-concentrate diesel additive and cetane booster designed for the discern...

  • Archoil AR5100 Water Based Corrosion Remover 500ml

    28.95€Read more

    AR5100 is a concentrated organic industrial grade corrosion remover that dissolves even the heaviest...

Archoil ®

utilizes nanoscience solutions to meet industrial lubrication challenges and also address the latest developments in corrosion control and fuel enhancement for transportation, marine, industry, and heavy equipment.

Archoil ®

supplies nano additives for lubricant and grease manufacturers to enhance their products by evolving from toxic and inferior EP/AW additive packages to a more efficient and cost effective nano technology.

Archoil ®

offers technology made from nano potassium borate, hexagonal boron nitride (hBN), tungsten disulfide (WS2) plus other advanced complex nanoparticle solutions

Welcome to the latest developments
in nano lubrication

Nanotechnology has become one of the fastest growing scientific and engineering disciplines.

New nano advancements in bioscience, medicine, engineering, pharmacology, and material science is replacing micron technologies.

Nano technology gives scientist the ability to work and manipulate materials at the atomic and molecular level to achieve desired characteristics.

In the field of Tribology, lubricants are greatly enhanced to levels never achieved prior. This means less energy consumption, dramatic reduction in wear, less pollution, corrosion control and extended equipment life.

In the nano world everything is
intensified & more efficient